Disinfect and protect your surroundings against the SARS-CoV-2 virus

Antiseptic for healthy skin
Hydroalcoholic solution to disinfect hands.
TRIPLE ACTION: eliminates bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses. COVID-19
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Hand disinfection to prevent infections.
A&B, committed to fighting the pandemic
Authorised by the Spanish Medicines and Sanitary Products Agency.
Complies with the UNE EN 1500 regulation - hygienic treatment of hands by friction, UNE EN 12791 regulation - surgical disinfectant activity of hands, UNE EN 13624 - levuricidal activity and UNE EN 13727 - bactericidal activity in clean conditions in medical area.
Recommended for the prevention and control of infection by enveloped viruses (Influenza A, Coronavirus, HIV, Herpes) thanks to its alcohol content (greater than 75% v/v).

Suitable for cleaning and disinfection of…
1. General public.

2. Professionals in the sanitary sector.

3. Easy to use with a refreshing effect.
Instructions for use
Easy to use with a refreshing effect.
Spread the product on the hand, palm, back of the hand and between the fingers.
Rub until full evaporation.
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A&B, committed to fighting the pandemic
We are facing an unprecedented social challenge where chemistry is the key to fight COVID-19.

A&B contributes with all its innovative and manufacturing capacity to guarantee product and solution supply to protect our society and industries against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.